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Every groundbreaking App begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all inclusive one. At MilTeenChat , we wanted to create a community for military teens. MilTeenChat was created for teens to come together and meet friends who are having similar experiences all over the world. For the first time ever we are bringing together a unique community that can come together and communicate even if they are miles apart, while also being able to access information when they need it through the app.
An app for military kids that can help kids at school, with their peers, with their family, so they never feel alone and isolated.

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Making Life Easier For You

Using a Touch Phone

MilTeenChat is for 13 to 17 year olds.

Your parent must be or have been in the military.

For your security, you must register for the app. Your guardian or parent will validate your registration.


For Apple phones click below to register. For Android phones register through the app.

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